Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sissy Club:

If you Alpha a Sissy, are you still a sissy?



Ok so I made this cap for Candy.  It's not really a transformation cap.  It's a continuation of a story she made for me.  You can see it here:  The Alpha Club (Case Files 2). I always enjoy a making a hot cap for Candy, and I decided that it was all her fault she got us into the mess she did when we got into trouble at the Alpha Club.  So I got revenge the only way I know how, a nice strapon.  I hope you enjoy.  Oh, and you can visit Candy's World of TG and Transformation to see more of the Alpha Club Files.  


  1. Well quite clearly the real Alphas sell the footage, make a fortune, and probably give them both a hard fucking to remind them of their place on their totem poles.

  2. Whoa.... very hot cap Ginger! I'm sure Candy will love following both her Alpha's and Ginger's orders for years to come!

  3. Very awesome cap!! Super sexy and thoughtful in its presentation and imagination, very carnal, I love it :)