Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

School is like awesome!

Ok so this is just a fun cap I just cranked out! I felt like making a bimbo cap, and this is what came of it!  I tried to make the tartan background look a little like notebook paper under the text, I think it worked out well. 

Secondly, I made some changes to the blog.  I am starting to add tags to posts so if you like something you can see other caps you might like in that same vein!  Also, I didn't realize but you had to be a registered user to comment!  I fixed that.  You can now post anonomously!  There are no tracking things to find out who you are, so if you like a cap please let me know so I can make more like it!  I only have 38 followers and I am closing in on 100,000 views, so I know you are here at least looking around!  Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy! 


  1. Great cap Ginger. Really sexy and fun. I love the pictures you used. You can sign me up for that school any day!

    1. Thank you Alice, I appreciate it. hopefully I can see you in some classes real soon!

  2. Really nice cap Ginger! I love it ^-^

  3. I like the blog's look although the font might be a lil small to use for comments, etc. Great cap Ginger! :)

  4. I Love how fun and imaginative this cap is, great job on this one Ginger, like totally YAY!! :)