Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

It's time to go back

Ok so I guess it's that time of year, a lot of my friends are going back to their teaching jobs, or if they are older sending their kids off for their first day.  So I felt a little inspired to make a cap like that.  Also Lisa, at LisaAnn's Panty Place, has been making a bunch of back to school caps.  So I put this together, just a little quickie.  The song is supposed to be a play on what Adam Sandler sings in Billy Madison.  That always gets in my head around this time of year.  I hope you enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ginger. And a lovely cap to go with it.


  2. OMG i LOVE Billy Madison! Lovely cap....shame we don't have a school like that around here...i would try my best to graduate Cum Loudly! :)

  3. Can I just say, "Fuck!" That is so sissy hot!!

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