Saturday, August 18, 2012

Growing Pains

Not Again...

Ok so I made this for Miss Anabelle, who is one of my new followers she has a wonderful blog called Annabelle's Family Tradition.  She makes some great caps so you should check her out.  I found this pic a while ago, and thought of her, her preferences really center around finding the woman inside yearning to come out.  I thought that the pic worked well, and I enjoyed the story centered around it.  I really hope you like it!  Enjoy! 


  1. Ginger sweetie! How nice to find this on a quiet Saturday morning. Yes, sometimes I like to see myself as the man led to the role I was meant to play, the sexy MILF, the pampered lady, the enchantress within. And having a daughter (who may or may not have been a son) lead to way the awesome. Great cap, despite my distaste for smoking (but you didn't know that, no worries) Thanks :) I will "return serve" at some point

    1. My pleasure Annabelle! I had been wanting to make a cap for you for a while, and the inspiration finally struck me! So glad you enjoyed it, sorry about the smoking. But I am glad the rest worked out!