Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Breaking down walls is a gift

Ok so I made this for Jennifer, who has a wonderful blog and is a really good friend! She has been having computer problems, but is going to be back to capping soon.  She makes some really good stuff so you should check it out! 

Also we are closing in on 100,000!  It means a lot to me that you like my caps, and the blog, its really fufilling to see this kinda support.  If you have a blog, please let me know and I will add you to mine!  Thanks!


  1. Yet another amazing caption Ginger! Such a cool concept! :)

  2. Ginger - you are yet another of those whose caps I read every time I see a new one is up. Your caps are well done and that is part of what attracts me to read your caps .. the other part is I am curious as to what you will cover in each new cap. I do enjoy your caps. (Monica)

  3. Monica, thank you so much for coming, and for commenting! I appreciate that you take the time to come here. Thank you so much I appreciate it!

  4. Love this one more than I can say, Ginger. Thanks for always sending words of encouragement. Here's to another 100,000.


  5. Huge Congratz on your 100k :)



  6. Fun cap Ginger! You have to love the photos that not only tell a great story, but have room to add your own words too!

    And congratulations on the 100k! That's awesome!

  7. Now there's an anniversary gift for ya! I wonder what she'll get for her birthday?

  8. Happy anniversary indeed! Very awesome cap!! Love the picture and the caption, definitely one for the super cap scrapbook :)

  9. I seem to always wind up tied down to something, with my wife telling me how things are going to be from now on. Now, if only life would imitate art for once! :D

    Thank you very much Ginger sweetie! i loved it!