Thursday, August 23, 2012

Karma's a Bitch!

The best laid plans...
Ok so this a quick cap I hashed out tonight, I was looking for something to cap, and I cam across this pic of Tori Black.  I absolutely loved the look in her eyes, and I just imagined the scene in the cap taking place.  Like she is not barely even noticing the beautiful woman pleasing her, instead breaking down the third party watching them.  The story pretty much wrote itself and quickly.  I know the layout is not as interesting as usual, but I like the cleanness of the look, and I hope it helps the story stand out more than the design.  I hope you enjoy!  


  1. That karma will get you every time. Nice when the image drives the story so well.


  2. Nice little twist Ginger! Poor Calvin, thought he'd be getting two girls and now he gets none!


  3. Very sexy story and cap Ginger! While I personally hate to see Calvin lose out like that, I'm sure Ginger and Kyra are very happy with the situation!

  4. Mmmm what? Sorry, I can get kinda ditzy after licking mistress's cum from my face. How can we tease poor Calvin some more? ;)

  5. Poor Calvin, but YAY for Ginger and Kyra *giggle* :)