Monday, August 20, 2012

Candy 2.0

What a good friend...

I was just looking through pics tonight and I came along this one and I felt like capping it.  It was meant to be a quickie, but I tended to be verbose, and it just took a while to cut it down.  I think it came out ok, I really just wanted a nice clean cap.  The overall story pretty much stayed the same, except I noticed the ring when I was checking out the pic a second time, so I wrote that into the story, to try to flesh out the whole being betrayed and left. I was writing a cap last night that involved a candy theme, but it still needs work, so the name Candy popped back up tonight, and I decided to make her my protagonist.

Let me know what you think, Does this cap work for you? 


  1. Mmmmmmmm, very sexy....I love how you worded it, with just enough teasing going on but still managing to keep it alluring.

    Thanks babe ~

  2. I love this cap! Great theme of great friendship and willingness to do anything to make a friend happy. Very sexy and very thoughtful, simply awesome :)