Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good Girl

Best Workout ever!

Ok so I had some free time this morning, and wanted to make a cap, I have been checking out some hypno stuff, and I wanted to make a cap to reflect that.  So here it is, it's really my first hypno/suggestion caption, I hope you enjoy! 


  1. Anaisha was made into such a little whore, sucking on two cocks while she gets fucked in a dirty public locker room where anyone can see or join in! The best part is she doesn't even realize what happened to hur!

  2. Reading this was so wonderful since Good Girl is a trigger word for me. I wish I were in her place. All those yummy cocks to enjoy. Nice caption.

  3. I'm sure Anaisha's getting a much better workout now than she ever did on the elliptical. Are you sure this is your first hypnosis cap? You did a great job with it!