Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to study

He should hit the books, but she has other ideas! 

Ok so this is one of my first caps, I think this was one of the first ones I did with Gimp.  I liked Gimp, but it was pretty limiting at times.  You can see I was working with a pretty basic setup, and still learning what everything can do. 

I made this for Evie at the Haven.  If you have not checked out her blog, I highly suggest you do.  I adore her caps, they are always so sweet and slutty, and she finds a way to just make her characters come right off the page, something that I am still trying to do.  I hope you enjoy this!  I will be out most of the next week, stuck in a dark theatre all day designing my first show of the season, so I will check in and hopefully come back with some more caps soon! 


  1. There would be no controlling Evie's libido. She needs it and she's the type of girl who will go and get what she wants!

  2. i've always enjoyed the ravenous slut angle. *giggle* Especially if it ends up a problem, like the one who need's it soo bad, hates it! or, like in this cap, the friend just can't keep up with what a slut his old bud is! *giggle*