Wednesday, June 27, 2012

D.J. Debbie

Scratchin' something other than records

Ok so I made this for a new girl over at the haven, and its a little different layout than what I normally do.  I split up the text, which I know is like crazy right?  I mean who knew you could do that?  *giggles*  well I have noticed a trend in my stories, it's very difficult for me to write a cap that leads to the character rejecting their transformation, unless there is an antigonist directly involved in the transformation.  It might be something I will try to flush out later.  This one is a bit of a quickie, but I wanted to do something, because I appreciate all of you following and visiting here.  Well enough rambling.  Now for the good stuff! 


  1. She also looks like she has a few fun dials and knobs to twist and play with too.. *giggle* If she spins records in the nude, then I can see a very big career for her!

    The cap looks good, you seem to be getting the hang of photoshop again. ^_^

    1. Thanks! Yeah I thought about putting something like that in, but decided I wanted it short and sweet. It is working better, once I figured out how to add all of the fonts on my comp into Adobe. Gives me more options.

  2. Nice cap Ginger! Be forewarned... you can never have enough fonts in Photoshop. For awhile I was adding two to three new fonts every week!

  3. I love a girl in... erm, I mean with vinyl. Nice caption!