Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Weekly Tradition

Poker Night will never be the same...

Ok So I made this a while ago for my friend Caitlyn.  She has been so wonderful to me in exploring so much of this new world.  She truly has been a big sister to me.  Well Since I just started this blog, she kindly gave me some advice as to how to make it better, and I am in debt to her for that help, so I am sure that alot of you already know about her wonderful blog Caitlyn's Masks but if for some reason you haven't been there, GO!  It's amazing, she has a wonderful imagination! 


  1. I really did enjoy this caption. It has a great story that combines both emotional awareness and just a bit of squirm, and that photos is incredibly sexy. Your design and layouts continue to evolve and I think you hit a particularly sweet spot with this one.

    And thank you for you kind words Ginger!

  2. Hi Ginger. I enjoyed reading your caption above, naughty girl! Hope you get your computer working so you can do more posts. I like to write sissy fiction too. Check out my blog sometime "Sick Sissy Fantasies".