Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dreams Cum True Club

The club where dreams cum true! 

Ok, so here is a cap that I just made today.  When I saw the pics, I knew it was something I could work with.  It is a set of pics I found on Fuskator, and it jumped off the page at me.  Now I tried something different, in keeping the words on the actual image, just placing a background behind them, that was a little opaque, its something new for me, So I am curious to see if it works.  I also left it a little open ended, thought it might be something I could come back to.  I hope you like it! 


  1. The story is a lot of fun, I like the idea of a bar that serve's up your wildest fantasy's. And if I had to guess, it looks like Calvin might get a turn. *giggle*

    I liked the Boarder of text, But I'm not sure the deep orange worked as well for the second picture.

    Nice Work Sweetie! and your blog is looking great! *hugs and kisses* Thank you so much for this! ^_^

  2. Very sexy story and setup Ginger! I'm sure Jennifer loved her dreaming cumming true, and I agree with her... looks like Calvin's going to get his turn!