Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gone Fishin

Nice pole!

Ok so I maid this for a friend of mine, her name is Starla, she has just gotten a trading folder there, and she got it by making a cap for me!  We have talked on messenger well before this, and she told me about her love of fishing, so I saw these pics on fuskator, and had to use them, the last two are from there, the first is just something I found on Tumblr, as I didn't like the story starting the way it did, with an already changed girl, when the change doesn't happen till page 2! 

Whew... that being said, this cap also has anothe influence, the wonderfully slutty Evie, who has a blog that she updates like crazy, and is full of wickedly awesome stuff.  She created the Elixer used in this story, and I think it fits perfectly, and she graciously agreed to let me take a stab with it.  If you want to know more about Elixer, go check out Evie's blog.  So thank you Evie, and thank you Starla, now that I have probably bored you to death, the fun stuff! 


  1. I certainly hope that those fish are being sold to a local restaurant! Id hate for so much elixer to go to waste.

    Juicy cap Ginger! It almost makes me want to take up fishing.

  2. Wow, what a fantastically delicious idea. A perfect example of contamination in the food chain, though beneficial and she's definitely a top predator now.

    Hehe, I love fishing, all those big rods...

    Great caps!

    1. Thank you Evie, for letting me use some Elixer! I am glad you like the cap!

  3. Love this Cap! *wink* It is imaginative, clever in it's delivery and the Elixer idea is wonderful and very inventie! Love this caption a lot, and it stars yours truly *giggles* I love it Ginger, thank you so very much for such a thoughtful and creative caption *big happy hugs*

  4. Nice story Ginger! I think the addition of the fishing pole photo works really well with the rest of the story. If you wouldn't have mentioned it, I might not have guessed that it was a last minute addition!